Why Did He Do THAT?! 😂
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  1. Harlow Lennox

    Harlow Lennox

    14 小时 前

    Justin is stepping on his self-_-

  2. Xx superbloxian xx

    Xx superbloxian xx

    14 小时 前

    Why is there happy music when his back is litterally disconnecting from his bones

    • Cathryn Gillespie

      Cathryn Gillespie

      8 小时 前

      I8 u;

  3. •Handy•


    天 前

    I’m grab my Dino brb-

  4. Vansh Vaidya

    Vansh Vaidya

    天 前

    Thick Justin was jumping because The fist Justin to fall down

  5. Redpurp Man

    Redpurp Man

    2 天 前

    That was so bad

  6. Thepiepic


    2 天 前

    Dead but it was worth it

  7. pengzhen zhang

    pengzhen zhang

    4 天 前

    I thinks that little justin got his back broken

  8. Erna Iriyani

    Erna Iriyani

    4 天 前

    Yang. Terakhir. Kasar

  9. Kyungok Chao

    Kyungok Chao

    4 天 前

    He did that because he was making sure it wont fall

  10. Strawberry Bunny

    Strawberry Bunny

    4 天 前

    He keep jumping

  11. Azima shaikh

    Azima shaikh

    4 天 前

    He did that because he is crazy lol But nices wired video

  12. Seeni Abirami

    Seeni Abirami

    4 天 前

    Not funny bruh

  13. Jose Batista

    Jose Batista

    5 天 前


  14. Madilyn Monias

    Madilyn Monias

    5 天 前


  15. papula💔


    5 天 前

    Because. He is donky ok. 😡🖐🏻

  16. Hope Gayle

    Hope Gayle

    5 天 前


  17. Bibiana Bina

    Bibiana Bina

    5 天 前

    Fggg. Frv

  18. As Sa

    As Sa

    5 天 前


  19. Ingrid Borges

    Ingrid Borges

    5 天 前


  20. Ingrid Borges

    Ingrid Borges

    5 天 前


  21. nada artoly

    nada artoly

    5 天 前

    Becos he lovs hes freind. And want. To help them

  22. Anonimus


    5 天 前

    What the fuck?

  23. Rola Amy

    Rola Amy

    5 天 前

    Just give 20 seconds of my life back

  24. XxQueen_MoonlightxX


    5 天 前

    He wanted the girl and tried to kill the friend so he can fight adem and have a girlfriend

  25. nety ade nety

    nety ade nety

    5 天 前


    • Ingrid Borges

      Ingrid Borges

      5 天 前

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  26. Marsahala Bima

    Marsahala Bima

    5 天 前


  27. Taseen Imti Abrar

    Taseen Imti Abrar

    5 天 前


  28. Natasha Amber

    Natasha Amber

    6 天 前

    To help them cross thats the answer

  29. thuan nguyen

    thuan nguyen

    6 天 前

    because hes a sucker

  30. zay


    6 天 前

    He almost got burned

  31. zay


    6 天 前

    How dare make him burn

  32. Sha Fakiri

    Sha Fakiri

    6 天 前

    He wanted him to die

  33. Monica Parraguez Barba

    Monica Parraguez Barba

    6 天 前


  34. Cookie wolfie YT

    Cookie wolfie YT

    6 天 前

    nooo justin

  35. Greysi La Gata

    Greysi La Gata

    6 天 前


  36. Walid Alki

    Walid Alki

    6 天 前


  37. Walid Alki

    Walid Alki

    6 天 前


  38. kaelync1


    6 天 前


  39. John Robert Tanay

    John Robert Tanay

    7 天 前

    They could just jump

  40. Myassar Alhariri

    Myassar Alhariri

    7 天 前

    He did that because he wanted to cil his twin

  41. •Reese Aquarius Autumn wonder•

    •Reese Aquarius Autumn wonder•

    7 天 前

    Bruh Like that scares me 70000 percent much

  42. Amien Luck

    Amien Luck

    7 天 前

    jahat ye

  43. NICG CG


    7 天 前

    The kid: MY BACK IT HURTS

  44. alois


    7 天 前


  45. Rench Lafiguera

    Rench Lafiguera

    7 天 前

    He did because he don’t give a fuck

  46. Joaquim Paulo

    Joaquim Paulo

    7 天 前


  47. Carola Coraza

    Carola Coraza

    7 天 前


  48. Valdoir Antunes

    Valdoir Antunes

    7 天 前


  49. Suleekha Ali

    Suleekha Ali

    7 天 前

    Because he is thick and rude

  50. Niña Grace Quinto

    Niña Grace Quinto

    7 天 前


  51. Manisha Rokaya

    Manisha Rokaya

    7 天 前


  52. suseseifeues


    8 天 前


  53. Jules Villa

    Jules Villa

    8 天 前

    How he bend like that tho

  54. Raven's Corner

    Raven's Corner

    8 天 前

    Cuz his thick

  55. Siu Yin Wong

    Siu Yin Wong

    8 天 前

    And its a power of kindness

  56. Siu Yin Wong

    Siu Yin Wong

    8 天 前

    Being kind

  57. alpha geraldine gomez ibarra

    alpha geraldine gomez ibarra

    8 天 前


  58. nash canela

    nash canela

    8 天 前

    Qué bueno que era más pequeño pero el más grande era muy malo porque salta para que se carga Y eso es malo no no no😝😝😝😄😄😄

  59. van lut

    van lut

    8 天 前


  60. Giancarlo M

    Giancarlo M

    8 天 前

    What the heck



    8 天 前


  62. Serenity Dors

    Serenity Dors

    8 天 前

    Shut up

  63. Serenity Dors

    Serenity Dors

    8 天 前

    Schut up

  64. Serenity Dors

    Serenity Dors

    8 天 前

    Weet je waarom hij is zwaar hij wilt kijken of hij stabiel is

  65. Olivia


    8 天 前

    Because he wanted 😎😎

  66. Amelia & Ricardo

    Amelia & Ricardo

    8 天 前


  67. Itz Gacha Girl_MoonStar

    Itz Gacha Girl_MoonStar

    8 天 前

    Justie had a plan. Idk why 🧐 Mega Justie? Did that? €£¥•~≠-;‰|()

  68. Appalakonda Kosuri

    Appalakonda Kosuri

    8 天 前

    Because he is mad

  69. Acidhokage


    8 天 前


  70. Chloe Flores

    Chloe Flores

    8 天 前


  71. Amanda Thornton

    Amanda Thornton

    8 天 前

    he really said die

  72. Armaan sarwara

    Armaan sarwara

    8 天 前


  73. Samantha Frias

    Samantha Frias

    9 天 前

    He had the strength for all the😊😊

    • India Blair

      India Blair

      7 天 前

      😑 really?

  74. Samantha Frias

    Samantha Frias

    9 天 前

    He had the strength for all of them

    • 姊妹手作


      8 天 前


  75. سوري وافتخر

    سوري وافتخر

    9 天 前


  76. Gregor Gregor

    Gregor Gregor

    9 天 前


  77. Nan Rattanarojh

    Nan Rattanarojh

    9 天 前

    He did that bc he’s blind that his son is dead •-•

  78. Milagros Mancebo

    Milagros Mancebo

    9 天 前


  79. Eduar David

    Eduar David

    9 天 前


  80. Omar Acevedo

    Omar Acevedo

    9 天 前

    Why didnt they just jump

  81. Nashwa Elkady

    Nashwa Elkady

    9 天 前


  82. Nashwan Nashwan

    Nashwan Nashwan

    9 天 前


  83. Marco antonio Flores

    Marco antonio Flores

    9 天 前


  84. حسين حسين

    حسين حسين

    9 天 前


  85. Mogotsi Tau

    Mogotsi Tau

    9 天 前

    I hate the big one because he tried to push the little boy

  86. wendy tasayco

    wendy tasayco

    9 天 前


    • Shida Asin

      Shida Asin

      8 天 前

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  87. Jonathan Estime

    Jonathan Estime

    9 天 前

    Why he did.

  88. Van Bawihnem

    Van Bawihnem

    9 天 前

    This is lanky box and this is why he do it to save his friends

  89. SAPNAn lol vote SINGH

    SAPNAn lol vote SINGH

    9 天 前

    because he help there family

  90. Cesar vladimir Portillo rivas

    Cesar vladimir Portillo rivas

    9 天 前

    And he needs some milk

  91. Cesar vladimir Portillo rivas

    Cesar vladimir Portillo rivas

    9 天 前

    Beacuse he is a werewolf

  92. MDNGaming the home of EDGamingEric

    MDNGaming the home of EDGamingEric

    9 天 前

    After that I think his back is broken

  93. Gabrielle Harrington

    Gabrielle Harrington

    9 天 前

    Justin with to red jacket is THICK

  94. J. W. Bros

    J. W. Bros

    9 天 前

    To help his friends



    9 天 前

    Good job justin

  96. ابو سيف السامرائي السامرائي

    ابو سيف السامرائي السامرائي

    9 天 前

    نكس الله

  97. Mior Azmi

    Mior Azmi

    10 天 前

    Cngeb jgdbb jgshge been hegbevbe Bdvvdbj heebjg ebe

  98. Nguyet Ta

    Nguyet Ta

    10 天 前


  99. Imel


    10 天 前

    So he knows its stable

    • Yuki Uchiha

      Yuki Uchiha

      5 天 前


  100. Gjil


    10 天 前

    para porfavo