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  1. Jomar Diazlp Lopez D

    Jomar Diazlp Lopez D

    小时 前

    The boy was in it that the girl wake him up and the fell

  2. Naila Shifaat

    Naila Shifaat

    天 前

    Shout out to Zach King

  3. Mostafa Abuelyaman

    Mostafa Abuelyaman

    2 天 前


  4. Marnelly nickname ELLY😃💐

    Marnelly nickname ELLY😃💐

    2 天 前


  5. Buyisiwe Nhlapo

    Buyisiwe Nhlapo

    4 天 前

    And i still pickup pens like that😂

  6. Buyisiwe Nhlapo

    Buyisiwe Nhlapo

    4 天 前

    Im in primary school



    4 天 前


  8. Châu Bảo Loan

    Châu Bảo Loan

    5 天 前

    I do that :))))

  9. Zanobros


    7 天 前

    HAHAHAHAHA sooo funny

  10. Mia L 13the white wolf

    Mia L 13the white wolf

    9 天 前

    Everyone playing checkers we playing chests - Justin story time

  11. Kok Peng Teh

    Kok Peng Teh

    10 天 前


  12. Crystal Eddins

    Crystal Eddins

    14 天 前


  13. Raghad Dahroug

    Raghad Dahroug

    15 天 前

    Double justie I'm thickle justie thickle justie want some pickles

  14. justin smith

    justin smith

    16 天 前

    I can relate

  15. rowennah fechalin

    rowennah fechalin

    16 天 前

    Wen i sall your heters video i seed nah nah man thats rude rude i mean super rude nah man dont do that : like that

    • rowennah fechalin

      rowennah fechalin

      16 天 前

      His channel is lakie comment to him say dont do that ok

  16. Kelly Guglielmo

    Kelly Guglielmo

    18 天 前

    I have fall asleep in the middle of the day and I got in trouble🤪😜



    19 天 前

    4:59 I did that before :P

  18. Karl's Adventures

    Karl's Adventures

    19 天 前

    Ive done the trick



    20 天 前

    Adem 2021:I love me some milk

  20. GooglePlays


    20 天 前

    I can't relate to that high school, elementary school thing, because first, I'VE NEVER BEEN IN HIGH SCHOOL! Second, I am neat and I would never drop something U-U. Third: ;P

  21. shweta prasad

    shweta prasad

    20 天 前

    Aye yea

  22. TheBigNoob


    21 天 前

    LankyBoxy Foxy, They should never not see, cause Adam is a giraffe, and Justin ain’t eat some peanuts. I’m sorry if my rap is weird cause I ik it does not make sense

  23. Ysabelle PH.

    Ysabelle PH.

    22 天 前

    Sorry Justin and Adam because I can't buy some of the lankybox shop I don't have money

  24. Jim Dandy Mendoza

    Jim Dandy Mendoza

    22 天 前

    that was the king of magicians zach king

  25. Gacha-Bad-Evil-Boy😈


    22 天 前

    Cool video

  26. Reza Mettler

    Reza Mettler

    22 天 前

    In the the start of their into, it says hey justin

  27. Bacon hair cool

    Bacon hair cool

    23 天 前


  28. Arabellaclaire Sison

    Arabellaclaire Sison

    23 天 前

    That's Zack king magic

  29. Vanessa Gunda

    Vanessa Gunda

    23 天 前

    The first one is zach king

  30. goku El maestro saying

    goku El maestro saying

    24 天 前

    Justin has a twean

  31. Raheem Hussein

    Raheem Hussein

    25 天 前


  32. Gleseria Cortez

    Gleseria Cortez

    25 天 前

    justie is the king of english and adam is king of math :)

  33. Mitski


    25 天 前

    The half the end video and justie HAD A CLONE!?!?!?!?!?

  34. hudha wibawani

    hudha wibawani

    25 天 前

    ti s 4

  35. hudha wibawani

    hudha wibawani

    25 天 前


  36. Sereyrith Peng

    Sereyrith Peng

    26 天 前

    Zach king the first video is fake he has a team to make magic

  37. Danganronpa Anime

    Danganronpa Anime

    26 天 前

    The elementary school one is so true

  38. Eric Faulkner

    Eric Faulkner

    27 天 前

    i am in elementary school and i do that I don't get off my chair

  39. Allison


    28 天 前

    I fell asleep in class once because the sub was taking quietly and she would not stop taking so I fell asleep and she woke me up because I was snoring in class and we were supported to read silently 😭

  40. juliana sayers

    juliana sayers

    29 天 前

    Sorry chair

  41. juliana sayers

    juliana sayers

    29 天 前

    When i drop sunthing i be lazy and pick it up on my char

  42. 🌹Foxy🌹


    29 天 前

    Justin has a clone

  43. Layne Shaver

    Layne Shaver

    个月 前

    I LOVE ME SOME MILK too Adem

  44. justin smith

    justin smith

    个月 前


  45. Jamiel Almario

    Jamiel Almario

    个月 前

    He need some milk

  46. XxFlipperxX


    个月 前

    I've had the same milk for last school year and the same paper towels 🤣🤣 and this towels left a Friday residue

  47. Lucas Nunes Priester Marques

    Lucas Nunes Priester Marques

    个月 前

    It wasn’t justin bringin donut for himself it was OLD JUSTIE BRINGING DONUTS FOR THE NEW JUSTIE🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  48. Kenia Danna Chain

    Kenia Danna Chain

    个月 前

    Adem needs some milkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and Justin eats chicken and cheese

  49. ItzJacobPlayzYT


    个月 前

    i can relate to 4:15 and 5:00

  50. ItzJacobPlayzYT


    个月 前

    DABABY 5:30

  51. Elena Paris

    Elena Paris

    个月 前

    Shhhe eee ee ee e e e e e ee e e e e e e e e reeeeee. Ee e e. Ee e e ee e eeee. E3

  52. Elysse Julienne Torres

    Elysse Julienne Torres

    个月 前

    when im elementary i do i can relate..5:00

  53. No Name

    No Name

    个月 前

    Thats not cow sounds

  54. 『  Leaf  』

    『 Leaf 』

    个月 前


  55. kaede beth evasco fulay

    kaede beth evasco fulay

    个月 前


  56. Hey Dumbman

    Hey Dumbman

    个月 前

    the first is zach king im a big fan to him

  57. The fun channel✌🏼

    The fun channel✌🏼

    个月 前

    Roses are red violets are blue

  58. Emerald Toys

    Emerald Toys

    个月 前

    Adem: I fell asleep in the bus The bus driver once forgot me And like my dad was like whats taking so long so when we arrives at my bus driver’s house he hit my arm by accident then he noticed me so then yea I went back home 😂

  59. Kate Angel

    Kate Angel

    个月 前

    At 8:20 adem realy said aww chi like a babbbby he needs some milkkkkkk

  60. Fean Joyce

    Fean Joyce

    个月 前

    Wow bro

  61. dead channel

    dead channel

    个月 前

    I slep in the bus too but i dident miss the zoo

  62. 沛恩 彭

    沛恩 彭

    个月 前


  63. Phu Pwint Wai Phyo

    Phu Pwint Wai Phyo

    个月 前

    I remember that when I picked up the pencil I was like Adam ;p

  64. ZekeDaGeek1001


    个月 前

    8:40 At my school for the Christmas concert every year, we do this thing call "Jingle Smells" where we play Jingle Bells as bad as possible before going onto the other songs lol

  65. Apu Song

    Apu Song

    个月 前

    I also use the elementary version to pick up my stuff

  66. Pasiphae’s Life

    Pasiphae’s Life

    个月 前

    Justin and adam dont know if theye strat the video theye strat the name of magic her name is zack he is a magic king and he have a video her video name is zack magic king

  67. Adventure Roblox

    Adventure Roblox

    个月 前

    #1 victory Royale Oh Fortnite we're about to get down (Get down) Turn on the kills on the court Right now gonna wipe that tomato town

  68. Jana haffar

    Jana haffar

    个月 前

    Jesse and Adam my name is Jana on Roblox is my name is Beast I choose

  69. Jana haffar

    Jana haffar

    个月 前


  70. 💜ANGEL💜 🖤Austria💗

    💜ANGEL💜 🖤Austria💗

    个月 前

    8.01 m subs!?🤭

  71. Ishrak Abir

    Ishrak Abir

    个月 前

    2:37 WHY he look so focussed?

  72. Spy Ninja Fan

    Spy Ninja Fan

    个月 前

    Adem uses that LOOOOOONG NECK to cheat

  73. Saifan Rahman

    Saifan Rahman

    个月 前

    The plushie is them

  74. Cas The Roblox Master

    Cas The Roblox Master

    个月 前

    The one that played in class used magic he also has a channel he is Zach King

  75. Dew kumari Rai

    Dew kumari Rai

    个月 前

    I love song milk

  76. Dew kumari Rai

    Dew kumari Rai

    个月 前


  77. Lufelyn Ambay

    Lufelyn Ambay

    个月 前

    that is zach king the magic maker

  78. Catherine Edwards

    Catherine Edwards

    个月 前


  79. Liene Etjenaite

    Liene Etjenaite

    个月 前

    Baby foxy and boxy and Rocky

  80. Liene Etjenaite

    Liene Etjenaite

    个月 前

    Me to Adam

  81. Tanisha


    个月 前

    i want a baby adem pluhie and a justin pluhie and he say he need so MILK!!!!!

  82. Winny Bakker

    Winny Bakker

    个月 前

    That girl got big karma XDDDDD

  83. Syed Osman

    Syed Osman

    个月 前


  84. Randy Reyes

    Randy Reyes

    个月 前

    I still do that but sometimes i fall

  85. シ ʙᴜɴ ʙᴜɴ ♡︎

    シ ʙᴜɴ ʙᴜɴ ♡︎

    个月 前

    4:54 Me in Elementary school still getting stuff and a classmate just watching be pick it up be like : 💧👁👄👁💧

  86. Jake


    个月 前

    my sckewl have that CHOCKY MILLLK

  87. Fishy squad cat pax Joyce

    Fishy squad cat pax Joyce

    个月 前

    The tablet one EDITSS

  88. slime queen

    slime queen

    个月 前

    When I was little I had that paper towel it works And I'am big I still have the same paper towel it is in the bathroom it works for me for some reason not like in the video 4:36 I do those to 4:55

  89. C7 ARAB

    C7 ARAB

    个月 前

    the first tik tok is zack king

  90. Rasha Mahgoub

    Rasha Mahgoub

    个月 前

    justin I got miiilllky for Adam hahahhaahah😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  91. Rasha Mahgoub

    Rasha Mahgoub

    个月 前


  92. CADS Sarmiento

    CADS Sarmiento

    个月 前

    Justin stay thicc

  93. Nobody


    个月 前

    I pick things up like that too

  94. Ahmed Nadeem

    Ahmed Nadeem

    个月 前

    I still do that

  95. rosabelle wen

    rosabelle wen

    个月 前

    i do both lol

  96. Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    个月 前

    I fell asleep in school 1 I was very tired

  97. Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    个月 前

    I have the same paper towels and milk

  98. Joseph Lagajino

    Joseph Lagajino

    个月 前

    I fell asleep in school but the teacher said we should take a nap because we were chatting too loud. Hehe

  99. Seann Jherace Capistrano-Ibea

    Seann Jherace Capistrano-Ibea

    个月 前

    In kinder i pick upthings like that

  100. Nicole Nyl Corsame

    Nicole Nyl Corsame

    个月 前

    i love justin trying laugh that sounds amazing bruh